The Wild Ark

by Zafka

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Night Bees 03:43
Mudy Frogs 04:02
Lazy Sheep 03:12
Blue Ghosts 02:58
Black Fishes 04:00
Last Men 03:00
Big Rabbits 04:23
Light Birds 03:06


“I started to make electronic music in the end of 2016, and at the same time I also started to write a book with my colleagues in China Youthology. This book is about today's social and cultural changes, and the status of young people and business. The book was written in 2017 and published in August 2018. The process of writing the book is also the process of making music. In the book, we call today's world "Great Plains" to describe a volatile society that is full of risks and opportunities. We call the state of people and organizations "nomadic". Therefore, I plan to make a trilogy of electronic music at the same time, to response to it.

In December 2017, the first album of the trilogy「The Abraham's Machine」was completed. This album was published in the Play Rec label in February 2018. In this album, the prophet Abraham disappeared, left behind him a machine. People bowed to the machine and prayed, thus the journey and a dialogue started and recorded. I used the Reason 10 software to create the album. I also included my poem entitled "Journey" written in Oxford Street Church in London in 2004.

「The Wild Ark」is the second album of the trilogy. It's about the Ark being not there, and the Great Plains a wasteland, and everywhere a boat. In the gloom, the sentient beings are scattered, surging, and boundless. Sky, dust, deep sea. Flying, creeping, sluggishing. Twelve tacks, twelve portraits. I used Ableton Live 10 software to create.

The third album of the trilogy has not yet been named and is already in progress. It's about the reflection of the people, and the reorganization of the social contract. “

— Zafka

Zafka (Zhang Anding) is a sound artist, experimental musician, youth cultural expert, and co-founder of Youthology, a leading youth research and consultancy company in China. Zakfa advocates the political listening of urban sounds, as well as the urban micro-acoustic geography practice based on walking/listening/researching. He published electro-acoustic albums "Who's Utopia", "YONG◎HE" and "I·Mirror" based on online and offline field recordings. In recent years, Zafka has devoted into the new sound culture landscape driven by social media and mobile Internet, and turned to the creation combining sound writing, sound theater performance and sound installation. His works "Parasitic Life / Sound", "Ruins of Voices" and "Fieldworks" has been exhibited. Since the fall of 2016, Zafka has started to create electronic music. After released a live set recording album "The First Two Shots" , he published "The Abraham's Machine", "The Wild Ark" in Play Rec label as the first two alums of his "The Great Plains Trilogy". A long time ago, Zafka was the guitarist of the Prague band, one of the earliest and leading post-rock bands in China.

“大概 2016 末年开始做电子音乐的同时,我也在跟我在青年志的同事一起着手准备写作一本书。有关今天的社会和文化变化,以及年轻人和商业的状况。书在 2017 年写完,在 2018 年 8 月出版。写书思考的过程,基本上也是我做音乐的过程。在书里,我们称今天充满风险与机遇,高速流变的世界为大平原,而人和组织的状态为游牧。因此,我也同步计划做电子音乐的三部曲,算是另外一种回应。

2017 年 12 月,第一部【亚伯拉罕的机器 The Abraham‘s Machine】完成,并于 2018 年 2 月在 Play Rec 厂牌发表。关于先知亚伯拉罕消失,只有他留下的机器。人们向机器跪拜诉说,展开一次旅程,一场对话。我用了 Reason 10 软件来创作。我也在唱片里,附上了自己在 2004 年在伦敦牛津街教堂写的一首名为【旅程】的诗。

【荒舟 The Wild Ark】是第二部。关于方舟不在,而大平原为荒,处处为舟。幽暗之处,众生各自散落,涌动不绝,无边无际。天空,尘泥,深海。游翔,蠕动,呆滞。十二首,十二个肖像。我用了 Ableton Live 10 软件来创作。


— 张安定

Zafka(张安定): 声音艺术家,实验音乐人。青年文化研究者,青年志联合创始人。Zakfa主张城市声响的政治学聆听,以及基于行走/听音/研究的城市微观声响地理实践,出版【谁的乌托邦】,【雍◎和】和【I·Mirror】等多张基于田野录音的电子原音唱片。 近年,Zafka 开始关注社会化媒体和移动互联网驱动的新声音文化景观,转向声响写作,声响剧场表演与声音装置等多媒介形式融合的创作,完成【寄生/声】,【声墟】以及【田野】等作品,参加了中国声音大展香港站,OCAT 声音分裂展演系列,以及中国美术学院“迷因城市”首届跨媒体艺术节等展览和演出。2016 年秋至今,Zafka 开始电子音乐创作和演出,出版了【The First Two Shots】硬件现场录音专辑,以及“大平原三部曲”的前两张专辑【亚伯拉罕的机器】和【荒舟】。很早以前,Zafka 还是布拉格乐队的吉他手。


released September 28, 2018


all rights reserved



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