by Ronez + Impregnable

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Ronez, whose real name is Zhou Pei, was born in Guilin in 1975. Since 1999, he has been engaged in electronic music creation. His works involve electronic, experimental and noise. He is one of the earliest artists engaged in experimental noise creation and performance in mainland China. Ronez's early works were included in CDs attached to music magazines such as Free Music, Modern Sky and I Love Rock Music. His first electronic music album, 59146, was published in SoRock! label affiliated to I Love Rock Music magazine. His works focused on the application of feedback in sound and image experiments. In 2003, he was invited to perform on the first Sonar Beijing Electronic Music Festival. The sound materials he used in his performances included real-time sound of hardwares and softwares as well as various kinds of recordings collected on daily life. As the founder of Doufu label,he have cooperated in record publishing, live performance and workshop with Torturing Nurse,Li Jianhong, PNF, Hetleveiker, Stimbox, Lasse Marhaug, Jazkamer, C-Drik, Anla Courtis, Zbigniew Karkowski, Brian O'Reilly,Hiroshi Hasegawa, Reiko Azuma and other artists.

Ronez,真名周沛,1975年生于桂林,自1999年开始从事电子音乐创作,作品涉及电子、实验、噪音,是中国大陆最早从事实验噪音创作和演出的艺术家之一。Ronez的早年作品曾被收入《自由音乐》《摩登天空》《我爱摇滚音乐》等音乐杂志的附属CD,第一张电子音乐专辑《59146》在《我爱摇滚音乐》附属厂牌SoRock!发表,创作集中于探讨“反馈”在声音和影像实验中的应用。2003年,他受邀参加第一届声纳北京电子音乐节。他在演出中使用的声音物料既有硬件、软件的实时发声,也有平日收集的各类录音。作为豆腐唱片的创建者,曾与Torturing Nurse、李剑鸿、PNF、Hetleveiker、Stimbox、Lasse Marhaug、Jazkamer、C-Drik、Anla Courtis、Zbigniew Karkowski、Brian O’Reilly、长谷川洋、东玲子等艺术家在唱片出版、现场演出和WORKSHOP等方面进行合作。

Impregnable, whose real name is Jeffrey D. Witscher, started art creation in high school. He is one of the best American new blood in ambient/atmospheric/electronic genre. He also used Rene Hell, Marble Sky, Rainbow Blanket and other names in his releases and performances (Jeff Witscher's works can be heard in Netease Cloud music and Rene Hell's works can be heard in Xiami music). His style involves ambient,industrial and harsh noise. He ever toured China in 2006.

Impregnable,真名Jeffrey D. Witscher,高中时已开始艺术创作,他是氛围电子领域最优秀的美国新血之一。他在创作和演出中还用到Rene Hell、Marble Sky、Rainbow Blanket等代号(网易云音乐上可以听到Jeff Witscher的作品、虾米上可以听到Rene Hell的作品),作品风格涉及ambient、industrial和harsh noise,2006年曾到中国巡演。


released June 10, 2020

Recorded at Ronez's home studio,on July 2006.
Ronez+Impregnable:turntable,objects,mics,pedals,mixer feedbacks.



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