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Kāi 21:56
Guān 23:22
Kāi Guān 16:48


2006 年 2 月 Zbigniew Karkowski 和当时 23 岁的林志英在深圳李如一的家中作了即兴合作。
林氏该时偏向结构型的创作,所以在 2007 年林志英把录音分段并重新编排为本碟的“曲1”和“曲2”。当时 Karkowski 听后仍然喜欢原本的即兴版本,并将录音素材处理及后期化,于 2008 年由 emd.pl/records/007.php 发行,题名"Switch"。
"Switch"发布前 Karkowski 告知林志英可自行再发行那个剪辑的版本,方有了十年后今日的“开关”。
“开关”是即兴合作作品“switch”的剪辑版本,处理及后期在 2007 年由林志英完成。

February 2006,Zbigniew Karkowski and Lin Zhiying(23 at that time)finished an improvised session at Lawrence Li's apartment in Shenzhen China.

In 2007, Lin Zhiying cutted the recording materials and rearranged it into "track 1" and "track 2" of this disc. After listening, Karkowski still liked the original improvised version.The original recording was produced by Karkowski ,then released by emd.pl/records/007.php in 2008. It was titled "switch".

Before the release of "switch", Karkowski told Lin Zhiying that he could release another version of thease remixed materials, so that we released "Kāi Guān" ten years later.

"Kāi Guān" is an remixed version of the improvised collaboration "switch".All tracks were produced by Lin Zhiying in 2007.

2019 play rec

Zbigniew Karkowski


2005 年开始收集录音素材,致力于录音艺术可能性的探索。
Lin Zhiying
Lin started to do field-recordings from 2005. His works exploring the possibility of recording as a form of art.

in memory of Zbigniew Karkowski

*"Kāi Guān"is the Chinese pronunciation of "开关,switch".


released December 12, 2019

inner pdf photos by Lawrence Li
cover photo by Lin ZhiYing


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