by Zhang Ke

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张可,工作生活于浙江宁波,美术教师,从接触噪音开始进入实地录音领域,2009年买了第一台数码录音机ZOOM H2,因为够便宜,看着像MP3,小巧方便,能放到衣服口袋里,掏出来就能启动,不引人注目。然后,也因为每天下班后在外面吃饭,有大量的时间可以闲逛,也促成了以街头为整个录音的基本地点。

Zhang Ke , is an art teacher. He works and lives in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. He was interested in field-recording after exposure to noise music. In 2009, he bought himself a digital audio recorder - Zoom H2, which is cheap enough and looks pretty like an MP3 player. H2 is so small and convenient. It can be put into a pocket, pulled out and started to record without attracting people's attention. Because Zhang Ke always have dinners outside after work, he has a lot of time to hang out, which make the streets the main place for the whole recording.


"Gulou" is recorded in the Gulou area, which is located in the center of the old urban area of Ningbo. The landmark building is a tower with a clock on it. In my memory , Gulou is a nice place for walking, playing and making dinner appointments. In a period, a zoo and a pet and plant markets even existed there. What impressed me most was the book store, as well as the handmade model boxes that were put on steel wire beds outside the shops.


In the past decade, the old streets crisscrossing the Gulou and the Zhongshan Park are still attractive to the old and middle-aged people who live nearby. They play cards, dance, sing, meet friends, and some young people play the bullfight game and skateboards in open spaces in the nearby basketball court. However, with the transformation of the old city and the increasingly backward supporting facilities, the aborigines gradually removed to other place. And because of the location is good and the rent is cheap, the migrant workers move in. At the same time, Gulou has almost reached the richest language voice and sound environment, and it was also the best time before it moves towards refinement (I participated in the future planning activities of the Gulou community in 2017, and found that there will be great changes).

从2009年到2010年,我在此游荡录音的声音档多了起来,到了2011年就决定整理一下,给自己与鼓楼之间做一个实物的联结,算是建立一份个人化的听觉档案。受到当时噪音圈盛行的DIY做法,我利用原先组织听音活动的番号catch vox发表了首张CDR,自己设计,到图文店打印封套,做了三十张,后来陆陆续续花了几年都送给了朋友。到了2014年,在朋友的本雅明咖啡店(同样也是在鼓楼),还办了一次鼓楼声音漫步的活动,只记得后来讨论得非常激烈,问题不断向外扩充。

From 2009 to 2010, more and more sound files were recorded there. In 2011, I decided to make a collection of sound works for making a physical connection between myself and the Gulou, which may regard as a personal sound archive. Due to the DIY practice prevailing in the noise circle at that time, I published the first CDR under my catch Vox label, which originally organized for the sound activities. I designed and printed 30 CDR copies. Later, I give them to my friends in next few years. By 2014, I did a Gulou sound walk activity in my friend's Benjamin coffee shop (also in Gu Lou) and I remembered that made a big influence that time.

This is the first field-recording work released by Play Rec.
a Co-release of Zhang Ke's self-release project 2011

摄影 张可
设计 徐程
特别致谢 徐征

photos by Zhang Ke
design by Xu Cheng
special thanks to Xu Zheng


released February 21, 2020


all rights reserved



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