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Intro下口 06:28
f5-162 17:53
281 07:01
NopeGround 06:54
224a 08:02


offscript:audio-visual 活动厂牌、成员不固定的电子音乐组合。

「offscript - EP」中的参与成员:Mice, Dropdown, AYRTBH


offscript vol.3: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ZexPCt1kweOwX6CHcybJRQ
offscript vol.2: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ceV9xF4Z-6J8O0pmyCbEGA
offscript vol.1: mp.weixin.qq.com/s/5ter9nRj2fnCdWtl65d9ng

生活在杭州的电子音乐制作人及 Audio Visual 艺术家,先后作为音乐制作人及艺术创作者加入音乐厂牌 FunctionLab 以及媒介工作室 NOFF。对怪拍子电子音乐的创作始终没有停止过,比如曾经在 FunctionLab 发行的单曲《半壁江山》,以及个人 EP《圣大光明》。并且在上海 playrec 厂牌发行过个人专辑《迷自由行》。

Mice (Li Hongxiang)
Electronic music producer and Audio Visual artist who living in Hangzhou , joined the music label FunctionLab and media studio NOFF as a music producer and art creator. The creation of strange beat electronic music has never stopped, such as the single "Half " that was once released in FunctionLab, and the personal EP "Light". And in the Shanghai playrec label released a solo album "Freedom of Travel".

Dropdown 是 RMBit 成员翁巍的个人音乐计划,现居杭州。与 RMBit 团队演出不同,Dropdown 通过个人演出或与视觉艺术家合作演出联合呈现,结合电子舞曲的同时强调声音的实时感与实验性。作品收录于电子实验音乐厂牌 playrec 专辑《ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN》,2018 年发行首张个人线上专辑《Untitled》。

Dropdown (Weng Wei)
Dropdown is the personal music project of RMBit member Weng Wei, currently live in Hangzhou. Works are presented through individual performances or cooperate with visual artists, create electronic music while emphasizing experimental thoughts. The work was included in the album of electronic experimental music label playrec's "ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN". First personal digital album "Untitled" was released by playrec in 2018.

电子音乐人、声音艺术家、软件作者,现居上海/杭州。国内实验电子音乐及电脑编程作曲领域的最早探索者之一,以 AYRTBH 为名创作跨越多个艺术领域的大量作品。曾在 Sub Rosa、Post-Concrete 等重要国际厂牌发表专辑,作品入选《中国声音前线》、《二十世纪电子音乐历史回顾》等选辑。近年着眼于网络艺术与电脑音乐,创作 iOS 软件及声音影像电脑软件装置。2017 年于美国厂牌 Detroit Underground 发行 IDM 专辑《MTK》;2018 年,电子音乐专辑《匿名者之歌》由北京独立厂牌大福唱片发行。 2019 年于深圳 OCAT 双个展《王长存:逻辑的感觉》。

Wang Changcun ( AYRTBH )
Currently based in Hangzhou/Shanghai, China. Wang Changcun(AYRTBH) is a sound artist, electronic musician and computer bug programmer. In 2003, six of Wang's work were chosen for the first sound art compilation CD "China: The Sonic Avant-Garde" which published by the American label Post-Concrete. In the same year, he performed at the first large scale international experimental music festival "Sounding Beijing 2003" in November. October 2004, he had his first performance tour of Europe, which includes France, Netherlands, Belgium, etc. Then he got his solo CD "The Mountain Swallowing Sadness" published by the Belgian label Sub Rosa, and "Parallel Universe" by the American label Post-Concrete. He also appears on many experimental music, sound art compilation CDs, for example the compilation "AN ANTHOLOGY OF NOISE & ELECTRONIC MUSIC #4" which published by Sub Rosa. AYRTBH’s 2017 album “MTK” was released by American label Detroit Underground, 2018 album “Song of Anon” was released by Beijing’s independent label D-Force. 2019 duo solo exhibition “Wang Changcun - The Sensation of Logic” at OCAT museum Shenzhen.


released December 22, 2019


all rights reserved



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