cries of wind

by Xu Cheng

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I began to interest in Roland Kayn's music and his Cybernetic system on 2015. I tried to build a similar system in Analog Box - a software module synthesizer.

Then I was experimenting the system on an abandoned man-made mountain. (a hill built by garbage dump in the city, once used as a shooting ground, then occupied by many scavengers, and now semi-closed.) The synthesized sound is played by gongs and cymbals hanging from trees. (Similar to the effect of Ondes-Martenot D3 resonator) It's amazing that the subtle electronic sound mixes with the noise of the city and the sound of natural wind.

My group the Mustangs in Social Modulator (Xu Cheng/Huang Lei) held a solo exhibition in Shanghai Between Art Lab on 2016. We decided to make a better version of it.

Huang Lei and I founded four huge scraps of abandoned boilers at the garbage station near the gallery. The scrap iron is used as new resonators. Each of our sound systems use two resonators around the space.

After the opening ceremony, we decide to met and record "cries of the wind" as a sound piece. Huang Lei did not appear that day for some reason, so I recorded three takes by myself with my own system.

Walking in the space for sound searching was what I wanted to do. These three recordings were first-person auditory experiences recorded by binaural microphones in my ears. During the recording, I abandoned the non-controlling form and had a little control over the processing of sound. It can still be regarded as experiencing the changes of sound in different spatial locations.

XC 2019

风 鸣 | 徐 程

一五年我开始接触到Roland Kayn的音乐和他的Cybernetic系统。我试着在软件模块合成器Analog Box里搭建一个类似的可以自己运行的声音系统。
之后我在一座废弃的人造山上(市区内一座由垃圾堆建的小山,曾经被用作枪决场地,后被不少拾荒者占据,现已处半封闭状态。)实验这个系统。合成的声音通过悬挂在树上的风锣和鈸播放出来。(类似Ondes-Martenot D3共鸣器的效果)细微的电子声音混合着城市的噪音、自然的风声显得非常奇妙。
一六年,我的组合the Mustangs in Social Modulator(徐程/黄磊)在上海 Between Art Lab进行个展。我想做一个更好版本的“风鸣”。


released April 11, 2019


cries of wind
installations by ◊ the Mustangs in Social Modulator ◊
sound produced and recorded by xucheng on may 2016

special thanks to :
Huang Lei,Zhang Jiayuan,Yan Yuting,Wang Chao,Sheng Yi,Sun Yanping


封面书法 孙燕平
calligraphy by Sun Yanping


all rights reserved



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